One Vision in the Past, the Real World Today

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Building the PresentToday I’m flying to the United States of America, to New York City, to live the StartupsMansion experience.

My objetive, my aim, is to sell solusoft‘s value proposition to companies from the U.S. It’s our way to start our internationalization process… A risky and hard task…

But big things are built because there’s a visionary and a lot of people supporting him whose objective is to make that vision come true.

Looking back from the present, we don’t realize how many things that we usually see, use, etc., were born in the mind of these visionaries and thanks to the hard work of their supporters.

Today, just like building workers in the picture of this post built New York sky-line, something that we see like if it had always been there, we’re working to create the solusoft of the future.

Maybe in a few years, somebody will look around him, as if it had always been there, without realizing this is the way big things are done.

Visionaries of the past built the present. Today, a few visionaries are building the future.

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